Who is Grace Anglican Parish?

Grace Anglican Parish is a mission church of the Anglican Diocese of SC, under the leadership of Bishop Mark J. Lawrence.  We worship in the Anglican Tradition, using the Ancient Renewed Text Liturgy of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) for our Sunday Eucharist.

Grace Anglican Parish has recently moved to a wonderful location at 10373 Highway 90, Little River, SC.  Our congregation is comprised of vibrant, enthusiastic members who actively participate in church activities, as well as mission and outreach initiatives – both locally and world-wide.

At Grace Parish, we believe in one God, who has graciously revealed himself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through the creation, in the Holy Scriptures and most fully in His Son, Jesus Christ.  We believe that people are saved by God’s grace only through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Grace Parish Leadership Team

Our Vicar

The Rev. Cindy Larsen

Over our 4 year existence, we have been blessed to worship and grow under the leadership of four strong priests:

1.  The Rev. Linda H. Manuel, our Founding Vicar, was with us for more than 2 years;

2.  The Rev. J. Thad Butcher came from Montana as a snowbird and chose to spend his time at the beach with Grace Parish, teaching and preaching and sharing his gifts;

3.  The Rev. Ramsey D. Gilchrist came to us first as a supply priest, and he then chose to return to Grace Parish to help us continue our spiritual growth.

4.  The Rev. Tom Woodle, who has been a wonderful friend and a guiding presence for us for the past year, is also vicar at The Well by the Sea in Myrtle Beach.  Although he is seldom able to join us on Sundays, his presence is quite evident in the workings of our church.  We are proud to have had him guiding our leadership team!

Our Mission

To share the light of Christ by communicating   the good news of His love with joy & grace.

Our Vision

​To be a beacon, to guide people to grow in the wonderful news of Jesus Christ and His word.